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                     our Icons

                      Below shows some icon you will see on this catalogue.
                      Its a quick information of the brand, special feature & material of the product.

           The Brands                                          Logo below are some of the known and high quality brands
                                                                          and products that we offer on this catalogue.

                       Special Features                                           Materials

                    CHARGING  PROTECTED  THERMAL                      BAMBOO   WHEAT STRAW  CORK      COFFEE

                    CHROME     LIGHT UP  FRIENDLY
                   EFFECT LOGO  LOGO     PRODUCT                                      RECYCLED

           Information                               Basic information or detail of the product that you maybe interested in.
                                                                       and also for the purpose of quick determination.

                    USB         USB      100       SIZE     SIZE     USB               BPA
                                          Lined                                                   READY
                                         Sheets                                         FREE      TO USE
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