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                     this Catalogue.

                      Below shows what kind of files you need and what to expect
                      depending on which marking technique we use

                                            Basic Product Information

                              USB-20                                    W   BK  GR  BL  R  Y

                              Slide USB Flash Drive
                              Colourful USB sticks with soft-touch case and leather straps.
                              Material : PVC ( Matt Finish ) & Leather
                              Size : 67 x 23 x 10 mm | Available Capacity : 4, 8, 16 & 32 GB.

                               Printing Options :

                               Refers to the item number of the product

                               The Product Name                                                 Available
                               Basic description or                                              Colours
                               specification of the product.

                               Available Printing options
                               of the chosen Product.

                                               Colour Abbreviations

                     W    White            Y    Yellow           LP   Light Pink      LGR  Light Green
                     BK   Black            OR   Orange           PK   Pink            SBL  Sky Blue

                     SL   Silver           R    Red              DP   Dark Pink        BL  Blue

                      G   Gold             M    Maroon           GR   Green           DBL  Dark Blue

              In some items, you might see such colour boxes. it means product is available in such colours.
                                    * This colour code does not apply on all products *
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