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Silver Ions


                                                                          Up to 99.99%

               MORE HYGIENIC                                                     of Bacteria

               OFFICE PRODUCTS



               A special ISO 22196:2011 certified additive
               that releases silver ions is added to the ABS plastic
               we use for our Antibacterial products: the ions settle on
               the cell walls of bacteria and inhibit their survival
               and reproduction. The antibacterial effectiveness
               is confirmed by meticulous evaluation tests.

               Microorganisms are inoculated in a sample of
               material and the surface is covered with a fine
               sterile film that promotes the spread of the bacteria,
               prevents evaporation and ensures contact with the
               antimicrobial surface.

               After incubating for 24 hours at 37°C, the microbe
               concentrations are measured, and the reduction
               in microorganisms compared to the initial
               concentrations calculated.
               The 99.99% reduction in bacteria results in a good
               antimicrobial effect

               The plastic used is antibacterial

               Bacteria: up to 99,99% less

               We Care about your health
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